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Arquillian Eclipse

Makes using Arquillian easier

Arquillian JUnit Test Wizard

Arquillian Eclipse is a JBoss Tools component that makes it simple to create and maintain Arquillian tests. It provides adding Arquillian artifacts to a project as well as creating, validating and running Arquillian JUnit tests.

Arquillian support

Add Arquillian support to an existing project

Add Arquillian support

You can add Arquillian capabilities to the existing Eclipse project and control changes to the pom.xml file.

Arquillian JUnit test

Create an Arquillian JUnit test

Arquillian JUnit Test Wizard

Arquilian Eclipse enables you to create Arquillian JUnit tests and generate a deployment method.

There is also the Run As/Debug As>Arquillian JUnit Test action that checks if the Arquillian test environment is valid.

Arquillian validator

Validate the Arquillian environment

Arquillian validator

The arquillian validator finds the following issues:

  • classes that are used in a test, but aren’t included in the deployment

  • tests without a deployment method and/or a test method

  • resources that can’t be found

  • invalid archive name

The most of the issues have an Eclipse quick fix.

Arquillia Cruiser

Review a Shrinkwrap archive

Arquillia Cruiser

Review the content of a Shrinkwrap archive using the Arquillia Cruiser view.

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