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This is the archived New & Noteworthy page that is also part of  4.9.0.Final

What's New in 4.9.0.AM1

Fuse Tooling

REST Viewer becoming an editor

Previously, there was a REST editor which was read-only. It is useful to have a great overview of already defined Camel REST DSL definitions. Now the editor is also providing editing capabilities allowing to develop faster. It is possible to change parameters of Camel REST operations and Camel REST Elements using the properties tab. It is also possible to create/delete new REST elements with a simple click.

Editable REST Editor

Creation/deletion of Camel REST operations will come in next milestone with several other improvements, stay tuned!

Hibernate Tools

Hibernate Runtime Provider Updates

A number of additions and updates have been performed on the available Hibernate runtime providers.

New Hibernate 5.3 Runtime Provider

The Hibernate 5.3 runtime provider now incorporates Hibernate Core version 5.3.3.Final and Hibernate Tools version 5.3.3.Final.

Other Runtime Provider Updates

The Hibernate 5.1 runtime provider now incorporates Hibernate Core version 5.1.15.Final and Hibernate Tools version 5.1.9.Final.

The Hibernate 5.2 runtime provider now incorporates Hibernate Core version 5.2.17.Final and Hibernate Tools version 5.2.11.Final.

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